Welcome to the Magnolia Neighborhood Planning Council

      The Magnolia Neighborhood Planning Council's mission is to facilitate the process for developing and implementing a neighborhood plan for the Magnolia area, and for planning and undertaking local neighborhood improvement projects.   

       There are several projects that the planning council has prioritized as "must have" neighborhood improvement projects, ones that are ripe for development, fundraising, and then implementation.  To find out more about each project, visit the project pages for each:

City of Seattle Fort Lawton Army Reserve Park

Smith Cove Park Magnolia Community Fund

Interbay Apartments 3008 16th Avenue West

Port of Seattle Smith Cove North Bay Development

Port of Seattle Fishermen's Terminal Redevelopment

City of Seattle Magnolia Bridge

Sound Transit - Light Rail Interbay Corridor/Dravus Street Station

City of Seattle Pop Mounger Pool All-Season Facility

Be sure to check out the Events page for upcoming events and meetings in the Magnolia area.  

      Our office is located at 4027 21st Avenue W., Suite 205, half a block north of Caffé Appassionato, across from the Port of Seattle’s Fishermans Terminal complex. 


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